About the Authors

Liz West is a well-known television personality, wife, and mother. She has spent almost two decades developing her craft of storytelling and getting to the truth of the matter in various roles including; reporter for Citytv and CTV, co-host of the current affairs program Square Off, and host of the national lifestyle show Rags to Red Carpet. Liz has interviewed everyone from Oprah and George Clooney to royalty, political figures, and local heroes. She is an avid speaker and an avid listener—two valuable qualities for any journalist. Her success comes with the ability to be "real" and "connect" with both her subject and the audience. An instructor at Centennial College Centre for Creative Communications, Liz strives to share her own experience with others who also believe we are what we say. The concepts in this book reflect her fundamental beliefs around honest and clear communication and have contributed to her success as a professional communicator.

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A strategic communications specialist, Scott Tavis has spent over fifteen years working with influential business leaders in North America and Europe, across a wide variety of industries. Scott has a passion for supporting senior executives uncover transformational strategies for themselves and their organizations and then translating that strategy into a clear, concise message to employees. Holding a BA in English from California Berkeley, he understands that without accurate communication, great ideas often risk being overshadowed by misinterpretation and poor word choice. Every chapter of this book represents Scott's personal and professional philosophy around effective communication.

Liz and Scott would like to think they are perfect communicators, and they are not. They do, however, strive to become better communicators every day, in every interaction. They do 'walk the talk' by applying the contents of this book on a daily basis between themselves and their three beautiful children, Maddie, Parker, and Ava.

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